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​If you speak Spanish, you would be able to communicate with almost 500 million people worldwide! Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language!

Why study


My name is Mariana Eito . I’m from Argentina. I’m a Weybridge based Spanish tutor and my lessons are tailored for your needs:

I teach all school levels for exams, revision or just for the fun of learning a new language! I also tutor adults from beginners to confident students. The lessons offer an opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities, like Spanish book clubs; Spanish films; Latin and Spanish cooking; visits related to Spanish topics and more! 
​My home in Weybridge or your home or office at nearby distance. I also offer Skype lessons. When?
​Monday to Saturday flexible daytime hours

For private tuition: £35 per hour – special fees for multiple lessons per week

Private Spanish Tutor

  • Looking to have more job opportunities
  • Going on holidays to Spain or Latin America. ​
  • ​​Moving to a Spanish speaking country or USA.
  • ​Would you like a new challenge.
  • ​Help with school homework, exams, GCSE, A level, IB.

I’m a qualified teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied at the University of Buenos Aires and have been tutoring Spanish for the last ten years.